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Italian artist Ginevra Nervi is an anomaly of sorts. An electronic music composer, her work ebbs and flows between songwriting and producing sound in all its spiralling forms. Sometimes she records and distorts her vocals. Other times she scores soundscapes for independent and commercial filmmakers. No matter the project, Ginevra uses sound as her instrument and immerses every musical cell of her being to strike the right chord. 


Born in Genova in 1994, Ginevra learned to play the piano and guitar from a young age before studying at a conservatory in Italy. Here, she explored electronic music and grew intrigued with the freedom of the format and took inspiration from avant-garde musicians in her milieu. 


Today her research stems from exploring her vocal timbres, paired with sound manipulation techniques. While her dedication to each self-driven project and commission remains constant, the extent of Ginevra's back catalogue varies wildly and dances a delicate line between experimental textures and sweeping scores for cinema. 


As a songwriter and composer for films, short films, documentaries and TV series, Ginevra Nervi is an artist who is creating an unparalleled blueprint in electronic music and art. 

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