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Klastós is the scientific name of clastic sedimentary rocks (from the ancient greek: κλαστός, klastós, "shuttered, broken, shredded") or detrital rocks derive from sediments whose constituent elements in turn derive mainly from the accumulation of lithic fragments of other altered rocks generally transported by different exogenous agents (river courses, sea currents, winds, etc.).

This broken pieces, little particles, grains of something coming from a “one”, represent a sort of “cosm” in which we’re all connected.
The material world, the one we live in, is an inseparable network of relationships; the planet as a whole is a living system that regulates itself, and the human being behaves in the same way.

Klastós tells of a journey of deep reconstruction and the beginning of a new chapter of one's existence.


Releases April 23, 2021


An enchained system of allusions, an experiential diving that goes through four layers of sound-tracking in order to go deep in the narcissistic personality disorder. 

A magnifying window on the subversive and diabolical human nature compared to the appropriate balance of the rerum natura. 

A statement about a highly individualistic, intensely competitive society, despite a pandemia. Here are the two ingredients for the lethal recipe of narcissism. 

A warning to the dominant and manipulative sway towards a self-enhancement, made legitimate by the awareness that other people count less.

"Changing" is the beginning of an interior fight. Someone is lying to him/herself, striving to stay impassive in front of what's hurting.


"Annihilation". If you meet narcissism, it may happen that you don't recognize yourself anymore.


"Gaslighting" is the narcissist's technique to lead the victim to do what he wants, insidious and suffocating as a knockout gas. 


“Gaslighting” talks about a very intense verbal fight between a narcissist and his/her victim, ending with the moment when the victim of the psychological abuse becomes conscious of his/her condition of submission and decides to free his/her-self from those chains, starting a personal and deep reconstruction. The official video clip, through a subtle naturalistic metaphor, represents how the gaslighting process takes place, by obscuring and polluting everything.


"Dune" is a blank space, ready to be filled out. A warm and cosy vacuum if you find the energy to take a leap forward.



All music and lyrics written, arranged and performed by Ginevra Nervi

Produced by Ginevra Nervi

Produced and mixed by Maurizio Borgna

Mastered by Damian Taylor

Art by Sharon Ritossa

Official Video by Sans Film

Distribution - AWAL

Publisher - Totally Imported

Mgmt - Luca Martinez

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